Scheduling update.

I have caught up on my backlog now, so we shall be going to twice a week! I started off doing three times a week, but that was too many and too stressful and it meant that when I had to take a break for illness I had no cushion of pre-written reviews. So twice a week from now on.

I’ve recently been on a bit of a request spree on NetGalley, too, so there’s plenty coming up. Some really interesting books that you might be interested in.

You may notice I’ve started including pictures in my reviews now, usually of the cover. This is to help you, the reader, even further. Is there anything else you;d like me to include or add? I’m always trying to make these reviews better and more accessible.

So, from next week, please check here on tuesdays and thursdays, 9am GMT, for new reviews.

Quick Apology

I came down with the most vicious flu I have ever experienced last week, which made me ill to the point I couldn’t read or review any books. I had a backlog, but I went through those.

Reviews will be happening again soon, but I need to get a few laid down as my backlog again first.