Got a Bad Review?

Read this before commenting or sending an email.

I could go on about how not everyone is going to like your work, about how bad reviews are just part of putting your work out there, and how you might need to thicken up your skin a little. But I’m a writer, too. I understand. You hate me.

But, before you send me hate mail, read these.

Negative Reviews: Dos and Don’ts.

How not to take criticism as a writer

If those don’t help, remember that I will NOT take down reviews EVER and I WILL post your hate mail, which is something that will damage your career a lot more than me disliking your book could.

And if you still want to, write the email, but don’t send it. Instead, find one of those websites where you can beat up a picture of someone or play with a virtual voodoo doll, and pretend it’s me.

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