The Blue Blazes | Chuck Wendig

The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig is an Urban Fantasy crime caper.

Meet Mookie Pearl.

Criminal underworld? He runs in it.

Supernatural underworld? He hunts in it.

Nothing stops Mookie when he’s on the job.

But when his daughter takes up arms and opposes him, something’s gotta give…

Well, um, wow.

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Wendigs work. His site Terrible Minds offers some of the best, most creatively profane writing advice you could ever read. His books are excellent. The man can write.

Blue Blazes is excellent. Not perfect. Few things are, but – oh so close. You know when you read a book and something about it just leaves you in a strange place, distant. You’ve inhabited this new world so completely, so utterly, that now it’s over you don’t know what to do with yourself. This book does that.

The writing, oh the writing. Wendig is just as gloriously, unashamedly, creatively foul-mouthed in his fiction writing as he is in his advice. It’s not just fucks and shits all over the place – Chuck Wendig turns profanity into poetry. Perfectly used to add depth and a sense of character to the novel. Good. Obviously, those of you who do not appreciate foul language will not approve. He does often rely too much on short, shoppy sentences, though. It can feel a bit stilted in places.

Story. Oh, story story story. Impeccably constructed, all things seeming like natural and organic happenings, rather than feeling forced and unnatural. If there isn’t at least one moment that makes you giddy with excitement and realisation, you are a faulty human being and should return to the factory. Can’t think of anything here that I hate.

It’s just a good book. I don’t even like fiction about criminals, I much prefer fiction about detectives. I don’t like crime capers and mob bosses and drug dealing. I don’t! But I loved this. That is how good it is

5 out of 5. Yes.

Provided for free by Angry Robot through Netgalley

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